Q: how can i book a tattoo with you? A: i schedule tattoos a month in advance - the booking form is usually open for a day or two and is shared on my website. Q: do you reserve flash? what if the piece i wanted is taken? A: i no longer reserve flash - pieces are chosen on the day of. i am always drawing new designs and people often change their minds so i feel it’s best to leave it to the day. if you are set on a piece but it has been tattooed, i am happy to modify it (within reason) to create a unique variation for you :) all of my designs are tattooed once but i make an expection for text pieces which can be tattooed multiple times. Q: do you only tattoo flash? what if i want a custom? A: i mostly tattoo flash - i will always accepts requests for customs and if i am excited by the idea and feel it fits my aesthetic i will do it :) Q: are your tattoos hand poked? A: nope! all of my tattoos are made by machine unless otherwise stated. Q: do you tattoo in color? A: i prefer working with black ink but will add a pop of color if requested. Q: how do i schedule a touch-up? A: i always offer free touch-ups for tattoos i have made - please email me at [email protected] with a photo of the tattoo and your availability. Q: what is your astrological sign? A: i am a leo born in the year of the tiger ;)