Q: how can i book a tattoo with you?

A: books are currently open - find the link here. join my mailing list here to receive an email when books open. if you receive a response for an appointment, a non-refundable $100 deposit is required within 48 hours to secure your spot. i also advertise last minute availability on instagram and on my email list :)

Q: do you repeat flash?

A: all flash is repeatable and i am happy to modify or combine designs as well.

Q: do you take requests for custom designs?

A: i am accepting custom requests :) most custom pieces are designed in-studio on the day of the appointment.

Q: what are your rates?

A: I charge $250 for the first hour and $100 per hour after. Most 2-4” flash appointments range between 2-3 hours. custom pieces start at $300+. custom compositions 5” or more start at $500+ and partial sleeves starting at $700+.

Q: i submitted a booking form - i haven’t heard back!

A: no fret! if you don’t hear back from me you are automatically on the cancellation list for the month - due to the high volume of requests i cannot respond to every request. please do not feel discouraged - i recommend submitting another for the following booking period.

Q: what is your cancellation/reschedule policy?

A: deposits are non-refundable. i allow for one reschedule and will transfer your deposit as long as i am notified a minimum of four days before the appointment. rescheduled appointment need to be made within six months of original appointment - any further reschedules will forfeit the original deposit and require a second deposit.

Q: what if I live out of state/country?

A: click here to request me to your city/country - you’ll receive an email when i’m headed nearby!

Q: do you sell your designs to be tattooed?

A: yes, my flash and custom designs are available to purchase as tattoo tickets. please email to request :)

Q: how do i schedule a touch-up?

A: please email a photo of the healed tattoo and your availability. touch-ups for my tattoos are always free :)

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